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Dream Bedroom

If you want to create a dream master bathroom, but don’t have a dream budget, here are some tips from architects in Toronto for remodeling a bathroom that can help you achieve both your dream and financial goals.

Although sky’s the limit, you can still turn your master bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat. Keeping your finances in line doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. We have outlined a few steps below:

  1. Decide your personal style: Be it contemporary, modern or traditional, infuse your bathroom remodel with your own choice of style. Try browsing some online websites to get some amazing ideas to help you decide a unique theme for your master bathroom.

  2. Generate a theme: A theme for your bathroom will link all the fixtures, décor and appliances together. The theme should be consistent, something that matches your bedroom’s style. It could be anything from tropical, romantic, natural, beach to minimalist. Just make sure the theme in your master bathroom reflects relaxation and comfort.

  3. Stick to your budget: Once you have set a budget for your bathroom, make sure to stick to it. People usually go over their desired budget while fantasizing about their dream bathroom.

  4. Always keep it comfortable: While planning your dream bathroom remodel, do not forget that it’s a place that you will be using every day. Therefore, it should be comfortable enough for you. Not all pretty bathrooms are as functional as they look.

Even if you have limited resources, architects in Toronto can give you a bathroom remodel within reach. When planning to remodel your master bathroom:

  • Refinish your sink or tub especially if it is made from porcelain, cast iron or fiberglass.

  • Decorate the ugly toilet with accessories.

  • Paint or refinish the wood cabinets. If you have less storage space, install shelving in any extra wall space.

  • Add warm and earthy feeling by simply adding dimmer switch to existing light fixtures.

  • Use durable but inexpensive ceramic tiles for most of your floor and expensive tiles only as accents. If you are satisfied with your current tile, just make few necessary repairs.

  • Paint lighter colors on your bathroom wall to make the room appear larger. Create dimensional effects using textured painting techniques.

  • Use framed mirrors to add design to your master bathroom. Make sure to coordinate its look with the moldings.

  • Last but not the least, you should always ask yourself how can each decision effect your budget.

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