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Check your permit application status online!

You can check your application status online in the City of Toronto

For development applications, Zoning Variances, Committee of Adjustment:

The Application Information Centre allows you to:

  • Search by customizable radius of 120m, 250m, 500m, 1000m

  • See Community Planning, Committee of Adjustment, and Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) applications at the same time, with the ability to filter results

  • Search by address or street Intersection

  • Track and view detailed application statuses for Site Plan and Official Plan Amendments and Rezoning applications

  • Use the system on mobile devices

For Building Permit Review and Inspections Status in Toronto:

The Building Permit Application & Inspection Status site does not contain information about permits that are more than five years old, closed or cancelled. Information contained on this site is updated as of the previous business day. No personal information, such as owner’s name, address or telephone number is included.

Status of Preliminary Zoning Reviews:

The Building Permit Application status application now provides the status of Preliminary Zoning Review applications, including applications for Zoning Certificates and Preliminary Project Reviews.

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